On the World Autism Day

logo_waadToday it is the world autism day. The majority of patients with this disease take too many years to be diagnosed, which is a real ordeal for families, with endless screenings by doctors, psychologists and specialists. Paradoxically, early diagnosis is essential to initiate therapy right from an early age, and thus significantly enhance the long-term prognosis.

The truth is that some of our child psychiatry facilities and other resources for our children leave much to be desired. Most centers are formed by professionals of psychoanalytic tendency, when the only therapy that has been shown effective is the intensive cognitive-behavioral one, several hours a day. The only option for getting to it, is the private route. And this choice ends up representing about 1,000 euros a month for a family. It is clear that many families cannot afford this cost.

Autism is the most serious psychiatric pathology in a child. There are no drugs to improve the clinical state or the prognosis. Only the aforementioned psychotherapy. These lines are intended to inform and raise awareness of the situation in which we find ourselves. It would require a well-coordinated public network that addressed the early diagnosis, psychotherapy and support and information for families. Autism treatment has come a long way with this treatment, which is also essential to forget the idea that those kids need to live “locked in their world” or in a psychiatric facility.

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