Your Graying Hair is Not Your Bosses Fault

It is easy to blame your job on your increasing gray hair, but the truth is your work is only partially to blame for the transforming look. Despite the fact that the pressure from your profession can contribute not only to graying hair but also to baldness and other signs and symptoms of getting older, it’s not the only contributing factor.

The most common cause of gray hair starts at the root, as stated on Gaizupath.Com. A pigment known as melanin is injected into the follicles by melanocyte cells giving it your characteristic color. Growing older will slowly cause these tissues to die, leaving a lot of follicles without any pigment.

The strands remain their original gray color as they proceed to grow. Overtime, as the amount of melanin continues to decrease, your hair will eventually become completely gray.

Your own genetic makeup is the primary cause of gray hair. If one or both of your parents was prematurely gray, then there is a good possibility that you’ll be too. Other aspects can propel the method forward such as certain vitamin deficiencies, thyroid imbalance, anemia and viruses. Recent studies also suggest that smokers are four times to develop gray hair prematurely than non-smokers.

Traditional solutions to gray hair involve covering them up with dyes and coloring agents. These are temporary and harmful solutions to a problem whose cause is starting at the hair root. Today, people are more inclined to look for natural solutions to reversing the process that is producing your gray hair as opposed to just trying to hide the issue with hair colorants.

You’re going to discover a couple of products being offered that offer a natural hair color restoration solution in the form of a vitamin. These innovative vitamins are able to work by stimulating dormant melanocyte cells, thus increasing the amount of melanin being transferred into your hair follicles. This will actually beat your genetic makeup by pushing your body to produce more of the elements it needs to add your natural hair color to your strands.

As these vitamins get to work, they are reviving the dormant pigment producing cells and encouraging them to work on your hair. Results will vary depending on your age and amount of melanin which needs to be replaced, but you will start to see a difference after taking this vitamin in 4 to 9 months.

By using these vitamins regularly you are invigorating your hair follicles with a combination of capsicum, amino acids, and other essential minerals proven to work at preventing Nutrient Deficient Follicles (NDF). It is the lack of these vitamins and minerals that can be traced back to discolored hair and baldness.

When you add nutrients to your body and increase blood flow to the scalp you are encouraging those dormant melanocyte cells to begin their job of infusing melanin into your hair strands. This natural remedy will also work by removing any air bubbles that are restricting the passage of melanin inside of the strands of hair.

There is no reason to let gray hair get you down, or to blame its appearance on your hectic workload. Alternatively, make an appointment with a authorized dermatologist who can help you in deciding if this vitamin combination is suitable for you.

As soon as you start adding them consistently to your diet you will be rewarded with a healthy head of hair in the natural color you were born to have.

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